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Philips Gardco CTA17 Contura Parking Lot Light Fixture 710862140799

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Condition: NEW

Product No. 10863

BRAND: Philips Gardco


Philips Gardco CTA17 Contura Parking Lot Light Fixture 710862140799

The Gardco arm mounted Contura products are cutoff luminaires utilizing CosmoPolis high performance ceramic metal halide electronic systems and suitable for high intensity discharge lamps up to 400 watts. Luminaires are manufactured from die cast aluminum and finished in an TGIC polyster powdercoat. Contura luminaires can accept one of five (5) interchangeable and rotatable precision segmented optical systems. Flat glass lens provides full cutoff performance.

Housing: Contura housings are comprised of a two-piece, low-profile die cast aluminum housing with raised reveals and a single concealed joint. Pressure-injected silicone and solid silicone gasket provide a continuous weather-tight seal at all miters and points of material transition.
Arm: The mounting arm consists of two aluminum extrusions and a die cast pole adapter. 3/8" (.95cm) diameter tie rods run through an integral channel within the extrusions for maintaining housing-to-pole alignment. Luminaires are pre-wired and suitable for installation with minimal housing access.
Wall Mouting: Wall-mounted units include the mounting arm and a hooking die cast aluminum wall bracket that hinges on a die cast mounting plate.
Lens: Lens is optically clear, heat- and impact-resistant tempered flat glass, sealed to the housing.
Optical Systems: The segmented optical systems are manufactured from homogenous sheet aluminum which has been electrochemically brightened, anodized and sealed. The multifaceted arc image duplicating systems are designed to produce IES Types I (1), II (2XL), III (3XL), IV (4XL) and V (Q). With the 2XL, 3XL and 4XL luminaires, the reflector facets form a conical fan around the arc tube with each facet positioned to be precisely tangent to the top of the arc tube. The lampholder is glazed porcelain with a nickel-plated screw shell. HID luminaires feature porcelain medium base lamp holders.
ELECTRICAL: Each high power factor HID core and coil ballast is the separate component type. For luminaires provided with CosmoPolis, each high power factor ballast is electronic, designed specifically for the CosmoPolis high performance ceramic metal halide electronic system. Ballasts are capable of providing reliable lamp starting down to -20 Deg. F (-29 Deg. C). The ballast is mounted on a unitized tray and secured within the luminaire, above the reflector system.


Type:Horizontal Lamp Luminaire
Approx. Weight:42 Lbs
Mounting:Single Pole
Finish:Dark Granite Paint
Ballast Type :Pulse Start MH Magnetic Ballast
Input Wattage:250 Watt
Input Voltage:277V
Dimensions:Length: 16.8 in. sq.
Pole Mount Length: 6.28 in. std.

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Model Number: CTA17 Part Numbers: LSA141A90LPS-120V-BRA, 710862140799